Sunday, September 29, 2002

yeah so apparently im moving. like for real supposedly. its kinda crazy. i mean my mom has talked about moving since i was six but we just never did it. and now, i htink were actually doing it. well at least 90 percent of my stuff is in another house right now at any rate. yeah. it seems like a pretty nice place. my room is all big and stuff. the only thing that sucks about it is that my room doesnt have a door on it. so people can just see me sleeping and stuff. it kinda sucks but it could be worse i guess. i could have no room at all. yeah but anyway i think it will be pretty neat having this room. its really big and it has a door leading to the back its pretty cool in some respects. that and the place is really close to a burger king and a good will. like walking distance. its pretty cool. yeah and about the door thing though, it kind of bothers me. i mean. its just likepeople can see me. and its like they will see me whenver they do the laundry or come in through the garage mom says to put up beads. like im a fortune teller or something. man, that would be so lame. im probably gonna end up using like my old shower curtain or somehting. oh well, i guess you cant have your cake and eat it i was going to ramble on some more but i am really tired. and i have to get upat 6. blah.

Sunday, September 08, 2002

i got home from work a little while ago. it was boring as allways. i didnt go again yesterday. i woke up late so decided to go back to sleep. i slept till 1 30 and then i went out and got ice cream with a couple of my friends. actually i got a peanut butter milkshake. i love those things. nobody else seems too. every one is like repulsed with the idea. they think that drinking peanut butter would be disgusting. thats pretty ironic when in reality they taste like sweet magic. anyway ive got a ton of math homework to do for tommorrow. that really sucks. oh well.

Thursday, September 05, 2002

i had school again today. i got there way too early too. iwanted to get there a little early so i could buy books but the bookstoer wasnt crowded so it only took me like ten minutes. so i walked around for a while and got my picture taken for my id. then i went to my first class wich is history of western civ 2 and it was cancelled basically. the professors wife came in said that he had an emergency. handed us the class proficiency sheets and told us to leave. i ran into dorothea a couple of times today. that was pretty funny. we talked for a little bit. on the way home i got a big mac and an oatmeal cookie. they were really good.

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

i had my first day of school yesterady. it wasnt oo bad. i only had two classes. my first class is my theater class. it starts at noon and it seemed pretty cool i guess. i dont know. you never do too much on the first day. i also had my english class yesterday. i already have homework in that class wich is really weird for me but its alright. my friend pat is in that class and he gets done at the same time that i do so he can take me home on tuesdays and fridays. today is my one day off. i work on the weekends and have school 4 days a week. its not too bad becasue i get everything done by three but it still sucks becasue i have to wake up really early. oh well.

Friday, August 30, 2002

crap. i forgott to write about how concerned i am for conan moving to comedy central at 7. sure it seems like a better time slot but im really afraid hes going to lose his job becasue of this move. oh well, i hope he ends up ok.
yeah im up really early but thats only becasue i have to go to gcc and get my books and my friend pat is takin me and he insisted on leaving early so yeah. this sucks. it also sucks having to say goodbye to al my friends. like it doesnt bother me now but i know it will eventually and that gonna suck a lot. yesterday i went and saidgoodbye to my friend emmaleigh. we watched beauty and the beast(one of my favorite movies and im not afraid to admitt it) and then we ate sandwhiches and cake(extra good) and then i helped her pack a little bit. it was nice. then i went to a sixtenth birthday party with my friend and felt like a total loser. ive never felt old before in my life. like i allways feel like im a lot younger then i really am but last night i felt like some loser college student that hangs outwith high school kiods. and i dont think that that people that do that are losers and i even have a lot of friends that are going to be seniors this year. its just, well, you know how sixteen year old girls are right? well, thats why i felt stupid.sigh. crap i gotta go. and im hungry.double crap.

Monday, August 26, 2002

sigh. i am so bored. the end.

Sunday, August 25, 2002

well, the end of my work week is finally over. they havent given me my uniform yet because theyre waiting to fire me. oh well, to be honest it doesnt erally matter to me if i get fired. it probably should though. oh well...did you ever have something funny that someone said running through your head and nobody else would think its funny so you dont tell anyone so you jus sit and laugh to yourself. yeah, well thats what i ve been doing these past few days. i saw my cousin beth the other day and she we were talking and she made some comment about my hair and then i said"oh yeah, well im gonna grow it out. that will show ya." and then she said"ive allways told you to grow it out so the only thing youre gonna show me is respect." now for some reason i htought that that was hilarious and ive been laughing about it ever since.

p.s. congratulations to nathan for getting his license

p.p.s. i really like bagels with cream chese...a lot.