Friday, January 26, 2001

hello all. i hope everybody is doing well.well, things are going pretty well in my life. my girlfriend bought me all kinds of cool crap for late xmas including a casey jones action figure. she also got me the first rancid cd which is awesome. and she ot me a spiked bacelet and my favorite cologne(polo sport. the real stuff too, not somethig called polarbear sport).yeah and next week im buying my friend dominics bass off of him. so now yellow bandaid can soon start practicing. and tomorrow i go to see acool ass concert with my companion craig and my cousin beth and her manslave nathan(hope nobody is affended by that.) and next month i go to see antiflag.well kids, its been fun but i botta go. bye


Monday, January 22, 2001

hello my friends!how are you.i just have to say that whs and working at burger king suck. today was pretty lame. i went to school and didnt learn any thing except that apparently it is illeagel to not sulute the flag. personally i think that it is pretty gay . i mean, ive got better things to do in homeroom than pretend that i have pride in my country. i could be sleeping or doing homework or making fun of the annoying kid that sits next to me. america blows anyway. id rather live in canada or the uk. work sucks too. but at least im getting paid for that.and i learn more too. like that all chicken products at burger king are also made with rib meat. well, i type really slow and im on beths computer because mine is severely homosexual so im gonna go. so until next time , take care of each other and yourselves.

Sunday, January 21, 2001

this is my first blogg. i made it at beths house. this is some really weird ass shit though. i now realize how sheltrered i really am. especially since im really excited about riding the greyhound. the seats recline!