Monday, February 05, 2001

hi.well, i think everyone will be interested to know that i am a woman. oh yeah, and not only that but i am almost 80% positively a woman. yeah, the gender test can suck me. but anyway, i realized that i spent all my money and valentines day is like a week away. somebodies gonna be sleeping on the couch next week. yeah and i have work and school all weeek long. yeah, it really bloows. but this weekend i went to my friends band practice and they let me sing a song. i know thats pretty gay and i really fucked up the lyrics but my friend pat said that i was keeping time like a mother fucker so that was pretty cool. i cant wait to start learning crap on bass. my friend mark said that its really easy to play once you get the hang of it. and this weekend i learned that antiflag and operation ivey really do kick my ass. well, all irealy have left to say is that i want to die by snoose snoose. well, ill see you all next time. later.

Friday, February 02, 2001

hello everybody. how're you. im really good except that working at bk blows and being a dancing pirate for a gay captain hook is alot harder than i thought it would be. but now is all well because now im just chillin at beths house listenin to baby got back by the brilliant composer/artist sir mix alot. a week ago i went to a rockin they might be giants concert. and i always new how cool the johns were but i had no idea that they were so funny. but i had alot of fun because i know how to shake my fists at the rock show. it definately was not bullshit.yeah and today is me and sarahs 7th month anniversary. i also bought my bass today so yellow ghetto(previously yellow bandaid) can get started.yeah life is cool except for the things that suck. like the fact that i have work tomorrow from 11 to 7 sucks. and that i have to go to highschool. ireally hate school, it can suck me. but next month, not only will i be the big 17 but i also get to see the monkees. well since i type really really slow ill go now.bye