Friday, March 30, 2001

im baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.hey everyone!(all 3 of you) howz everyone doing? well, its a rainey friday afternoon and im chillin with my #1 homeboy craig. yeah, ihavent wrritten in my blog since feb. the truth is that i kinda forgott about it. but its cool.ive got my second show of pater pan to do tonite. i dont really feel like doing it though but oh well. oh,beth and nathan. you should go 45 min earley. that would be your best bet. even though i dont think theyre going to sell out. there were like 30 people there last nite. it was really dumb. you guys should go earlyjust to be safe.ok, im gonna go cause this took me like an hourto write.i love all.......especially nathan.