Monday, April 16, 2001

hello all. how is everyone? im ok but i have a cold. yeah im just at craigs house doin nothing really. my hair is still yellow though. im gonna dye it tonite though. prbably before i make that mixed tape for beth. yeah nothing exciting has been going on in my life. my girlfriend dumped me, i have yellow hair, im coming down with a cold, my job sucks and i have no money. but aside from that everything is just peachy. yeah, i have reached a new level in loserness. oh well i have nothing constuctive to say so ill be on my way. hey this blogg only took me a record two hours to write! see yall later. peace and love to my boy dr. dre.

Friday, April 06, 2001

hello everybody! how is everyone?im cool. im in college now. can you believe it? im here with the remarkable elizabeth jane ellis. and for some reason im really craving a chicken salad wrap. i had one at a coffee shop about 2 months ago and it was unbelievable. oh yeah, guess what, im a juvenile dillenquent now. ive ben suspended for the first time in my life. it blows too. its all because of the evil vice pricipal. high school is dumb. it can suck me. yeah well im gonna go. lots of love to all my peeps. bye