Thursday, June 28, 2001

its another lazy summer day. i really want a peanut butter milkshake. ive been cravin one now for like 2 days. i love milkshakes. i dont even have the money for one though. its really sad that as much money as i make i am still broke. thats because i spend more than a 13 year old vally girl. they olost my tip share from tuesday nite too. i was kinda pissed about that. they said theyd have to look for it and im supposed to call them later today. but anyway............oh, guess who i talked to yesterday. sarah. i finally broke down and called her. i know, im a loser. it was really good to talk to her though. ireally miss her. i am so pathertic. but i digress. yeah i got an unseen album at thye antiflag show and its really good. i really want to go to the reel big fish/goldfinger show. im tryin to get people to go with me so if anyone else wants to go than you know where you find me. i cant wait until i see rancid. ive been jazzed aboutm that for like 2 months and i still have two more to go. oh well, i guess thats all. later.

ps "T-Bone the fat 40oz man was here."

Saturday, June 23, 2001

"its been a hard days night and ive been working like a dog" yeah, i just got home from work and even though im pretty beat im in a pretty damn good mood. i dont really know why but ive been really happy lately. its pretty cool. tonight at work the bartender tipped me 5 dollars for helping him out even though its my job to help him. it was really cool. now i am 5 dollars- richer move over bill gates! well boys and girls, im gonna go. later.

Friday, June 22, 2001

all right everyone, stop, collaborate,and listen. craig and i just tore up super mario 3. i havent played that game in years and damnitt it felt good. i was luigi and i kicked some gumba ass. that and diet coke is very good(especially shaken not stirred)ok, thats all. take care of yourselves and each other.
well,school is out and the summer isnt as relaxing as i had hoped. i have work all the time and that sucks. the only good part about that is that i now have lots of money. i bought 5 really awesome cds last weekend. i got the newest reel big fish cd, the newest rancid cd, the lars fredrickson and the bastards cd and 2 antilag cds. oh, and tomorrow beth and i are going to see antiflag. beths scared but im really jazzed. oh yeah, another cool thing is that i dont have to go to summer school! how much does that rock! im kinda weirded out about being a senior though. it just doesnt seem right to me. and the weirdest thing has happened to me over the last couple of weeks. i have rediscovered the joy of video games. i havent really enjoyed video games since i was like 12 and now the love the joy the obsession, and the tired mind and eyes is all back and stronger than ever. its really weird. oh and yet another weird thing is that ive used my computer like 3 times this week. its nuts. its like im in this weird bizaro world where i like video games, i have money, i use my computer , and for once im not worried about, i guess my summer isnt too bad (except that i really do hate work.) its totally crazy.oh well, im gonna go now. see you all in the near future.

Sunday, June 10, 2001

hey. howz it goin? im ok i guess. i only have one more week of school left so thats cool. yeah, school is usually like a tv show for me. i just mill around giving high fives to people and making fun of all of the vp's. but now its really uncool because i have finals and ever since my girlfriend dumped me all of these really obnoxious girls have been hitting on me. its really annoying. on a good note though i did get the job at outback. its not that bad. its a million times better than the bk. that and my golf game has improved. and me and beth(who is currently mocking me) are going to the antiflag concert in like 2 weeks. so thats cool. oh well im gona go now. well all my love to dawson and everyone else who is nice enough to be inerested in what i have to say and think. tootels.