Friday, August 31, 2001

yeah, so shaved my head into a mohawk. im not gonna keep my hair like this or anything but it does look really funny. im gonna get it all shaved before school starts but this whole week shall be known as THE WEEK OF MARKS if anyone is interested in seeing this wacky doo, than they better get a hold of me before its too late....

Thursday, August 23, 2001

ok, so i gotta start school in 2 weeks. that really sucks. its not that its my senior year that upsets me. its not the work ill have to do(because i usually dont do it anyway). and its not that ill have to see people i hate for five days a week again. its because i have to start getting up aat 6 oclockin the morning again. its hard enough for me to get my lazy fat ass out of bed by noon let alone 6 0clock in the bleedin morning. i hate this. in other friend pats birthday is tomorrow. thats cool for him i guess. i wish i was gonna be 18 tomorrow. i feel so young and i hate it. oh well.....ya know what sucks? the fact that im a bad person. i wont go into any details but for those of you who know me, you know what i mean. oh well, thats all i guess...sigh................

Wednesday, August 22, 2001

i am the worlds greatest hacker! im sure you guys saw the chaos that i did on beths blog. hahahahahahahahahahah! nice huh? ive been geting pretty addicted to the internet. i feel like it gives me some kind of weird energy. i know that that sounds creepy. i pulled another all niter last nite. in goin on 3hours sleep. it sucks but im back on line so i feel refreshed. i was talking to 14 year olds and playing this cornay-assed lemonade stand game. i really got to stop using the computer so much. ah, but i like it so much. it feels good to blog again.i havent done it in a while. too busy hacking and stuff. mickey dolenz is definately the man.

Thursday, August 16, 2001

as you all can tell by my last post , i NEVER get any email. beth always says "you never check your email" and thats because i never have any email. nathan was supposed to send me mail and he never did. id even except junkmail or porn because i get nothing. im sick and tired of looking at my mailbox day in and day out and not recieving anything. every 5 seconds beth getsomething- even if ti is something like britney spears masterbating live or something. so, any one that reads my blog, please send me something.thank you.

Tuesday, August 14, 2001

i,like natedawg,like mindless repetitive work. idont like to be challenged. i just want to sit back relax and not think about or pay attention to the job im doing.......maybe ill be a cab driver.
i like to play computer.

Monday, August 13, 2001

my voice lesson was cancelled today. i gotta go thursday now. ispent most of tonite harrasing people on the internet and taking those crazyassed spark tests. which i do bad on all of them. they make me out to be a heartless,violent,nonfunny,slutty,bastard. its really not cool. i really want to go and see the others. it looks really good. well pretty good, its only pg13. yeah, ive been spending way too much time on the computer lately. oh well.........its been incredibly toot hot. and yet rainy all weekend.weird.
i love cheesesteaks. im broke and it sucks. i also miss my bass. i havent seen it in like 4 months. i want to start playing again. i have a desire to finally start my band and get good at the bass. as of right now i really suck. but practice makes perfect. speaking of practice i have to get ready for my voice lesson.

Friday, August 10, 2001

i went to philly today. i went with my friend mike who lives inmissouri. he goes home tomorrow and he wanted to do something different for his last day here. so we almost gave ourselves hart attacks. it was probably 100 degrees today and we walked about 100 blocks. we went to the art museum and that was cool. we also went to china town to look for knunchucks. we didnt find any. thats mainly because 95% of china town is all food reastraunts. than we went to south street and i bought an earing and a big wig cd. and than when we were beat beyond all recognition it began to pour. we were drenched and all of a sudden still wet. it was definately..........interesting.

Thursday, August 09, 2001

single white male seaking a smart comley mate. likes ninja turtles and cake. just kidding. another scorchingly hot day here in cecil. im really bored. i wanna go to a concert but there isnt any good ones coming up that i know of . if any one knows of any good punk shows that are coming around my general area please let me know. for those of you that dont know my email address its know its corney but in a dumb way i think its funny). you folks can email me anytime because i dont get very much mail. oh well this blog is even more pointless than most of them. oh well.

Wednesday, August 08, 2001

it sure is tuogh to beat the heat around here. its 100 degrees outside plus humidity which probably makes it like a million degrees. im at craigs house now. i ate a whole lotta food, let me tell you. now anyone who has ever met me knows that im not exactly "fat" but i think that i have an eating disorder. i ate a pantload of granola bars at like 3 oclock last nite. and whenever i see food i just want to gobble it all up regardless if im hungry or not. it really sucks. im no longer the trim 140 i used to be. oh well, i guess that ill just be some big fat guy when i grow up.

Saturday, August 04, 2001

ok so i had one hell of a good day yesterday. the bands, they rocked. the great bands: rancid,H2o,big whig,the vandels, less than jake, the impossibles, and a pant load of cool local bands. the best performance has to go to big whig. keep in mind that rancid was great but big whig had a better show. they did 2 covers(cheers,knowlege) they also made fun of there bass player because he quit the band to be the roadie for fenix tx. the food was overpriced but all i got was a piece of pizza and like 3 bottles of water. it was awesome.

Friday, August 03, 2001

im most like sophia.........nice.:)
i saw jp3 today with beth and unc. it wasnt too bad. it was no jp1 though. then i ate at a deli. that was kinda weird and i just want to let beth no that she isnt bad. shes at my friend pats house. all jazzed about the warped tour and what not. its gonna rock. i will finallly get to see rancid. rock! tim armstrong, i believe he is a god. im gonna be withy my friends kickin and punchin people. its gonna be great. this is NOT the worst day of my life. it rules. it was really cool today because i got to see all my favorite people to hang out with(except sarah) oh well, i suck but the people in my life rule.