Thursday, September 27, 2001

well, this is a shitty beginning to a veery stressful week. i missed my bus and nobodys home to take me to school and i have my audition today. im going out for george bailey from its a wonderful life. i really want that pert. if i dont get it, i might set myself on fire or something. it really sucks. i think that id be best for it too. but now, all im doing is sitting here drinking cup after cup of some good old tasreers choice. oh well, i gguess maybe if i dont get it, the worst that will happen is ill just have a nervouse breakdown.

Tuesday, September 11, 2001

shoprites all over are going out of buissness because of the strike...major roads are being closed school has us pracically in lock down...and our country is being attacked by terrorists. what the fuck!

Monday, September 10, 2001

ok, so school is really dumb. i hate all of my classes. at least the day seems to go by quickly. its so damn frusturating. i am going to audition for select singers even though i know that i have no chane in hell at making it. my friend talked me into it because there arent to many guys this year. and when i had to sing so my teacher could find my voice part i did really bad. i couldnt find the notes at all and i was really nervous so i was singing flat. i allways do so much better at my voice lessons. and i really want to make select singers too. it would be good for me. it would look good for college too. and help me suck up to the musical director so i could get a decent part. this sucks, im never gonna be an actor at this rate.whs can go straight to hell.

yeah, so i have to register to take the sats. that gonna do all bad and feel like an idiot. i was gonna register today in school but all my friends talked me into just doing it online so i could go to geets but i dont know how to register online so now im screwed. oh well, my life sucks.

Sunday, September 09, 2001

yeah, so ive started reading harry potter. im only done the first chaptr so far but im gonna read more today. i had a weird dream last nite. i dreamt that beth became like this really crazy person and started blowing things up. she was blowing alot of things up too...she blew up like half of williamstown not to mention all of the celebritiies houses she was sending bombs to. ans she didnt know how to make a bomb so she had craig building them for her. and craig didnt aprove of her blowing things up but she was aparently paying him pretty well so he did it anywway. yeah, it was pretty weird.

yeah so i hate school alot. im only alowed to miss 12 school days all year. thats it. i no longer have excused absencses. its really messed up. it doesnt matter if someone in my family dies or if i get severely ill nothing counts as am excused absence. i cant survive a whole school year with a mere 12 days. its total bullshit. i shoul like organize a walk out or a strike or somrthing . telling the board that noone will go to their school unless my demands are met. or, since the whole teachers staff is working without a contract,i should convince them alll to go on strike. or i could just get beth to blow the whole blooody place up. that would show 'em!

Saturday, September 08, 2001

yeah, so i went to ponderosa today. it was awesome. i ate alot of food and beth said that i couldent eat anymore but i would have. i could have though. i couldve eaten 9 more plates of food but beth thought that i was gonna vomit. oh well, theres allways next time. yeah, so now that school has started again i once again appreciate the weekend. and i love ice cream allways and forever.
"all i know about scientology is that you go into the middle of the desert and there is a big space ship and people make you write out a big check and if you dont they kill you." that amusing statement was made the one and only jiminy glick.

yeah so im back in school now. now, being a senior is kinda cool but my classes suck a lot of ass. i have no friends in any of my classes except lunch. my lunch is cool though. and my classes are REALLY easy but thats because i took all bullshit classes. my classses are filled with all potheads,dillinquents,and like the smartest kid in all my classes and thats just sad.

yeah,ive decided that all girls are either dumb, annoying,slutty,or evil(except dianne,my best friend, of course)high school is no place to pick up girls. and if girls dont change after high school then im gonna be a very lonely person.