Sunday, October 28, 2001

i got the urge to start playing my bass again so i spent like an hour copying tabs from harmony central because i dont have a printer. blah.
halloween is so close. i cant beleive it.

Monday, October 15, 2001

yeah, well, halloween is coming and that is very cool. this month is going by so freakin fast.yeah,i had another day off from school today so that is cool. i didnt have to go last monday either. and i have a half day on halloween and in november i have like 9 days off in a row. thats almost as much as a christmas break. all of this is very cool. i still dont know what im going to do for halloween. this is all crazy.oh, i got a new computer too. thats really awesome because my last computer was so freakin slow. oh yeah, i just took the news radio quiz.

1. bill mcneal
2. joe garelli
3. max louis
4. beth
5. jimmy james
6. lisa miller
7. matthew brock
8. dave nelson
9. catherine duke
well, thats pretty cool. only, i dont see how im more like lisa then dave.

Sunday, October 14, 2001

girls are the dumbest people alive.i hate them. theyre all dumb, selfish, evil, evil, people. they all just "play you out" and then let you down. and youre left feeling lonely and miserable. theyre not worth my time and i hate them all. girls are the dumbest people alive.

Monday, October 08, 2001

well, i got the part that i wanted for the play. that rocks only alot. its alot more work then i had bagained for but, its ok. im still hapy. ive been having to spend alot of time with the girl that plays marry and shes cool and all but i had to spend like my whole weekend with her going over the script, so its kinda boring. we ate chinese last nite though so that was really cool. i got th grandfather chicken with the porkfried rice and an eggrole. it was really yummy. well, everything is ok right now. to anyone i dont talk to much, please, talk to me sometime. id love to hear from you.