Sunday, November 18, 2001

yeah, so i missed the meteor shower last nite. i got home from my friends house at like a quarter to nine. and i got online as soon as i got home. i bored with that after like 20 min because i was really really tired. so, i figured id take a nap. i woke up at 12 and called my cousin beth cause i was supposed to watch it with her and there was no answer. so i figured id stay up and try back later. that plan did not work however because i fell asleep like 10 min after that. i am such a baby.

Tuesday, November 13, 2001

yeah, so i was at practice today and this kid ben who plays my brother came up to me and said "hey mark, what do you think of my hat" and he was wearing the hat that i was supposed to be wearing and so, like an idiot i started chasing after him. like im 5 or something . well, anyway, so im chasing him and i must have tripped over my own feet and the next thing that i know i fall into the flag pole and i go head first into the brick wall in the theater. so now, i have a concusion, a huge lump on my temple, and a scratch down the side of my head. so i guess todays lesson is DONT HORSE AROUND.

Sunday, November 11, 2001

well, these are my results.

Your Results Page # 1 Kevin McDonald
# 2 Bruce McCulloch
# 3 Mark McKinney
# 4 Dave Foley
# 5 Scott Thompson

sigh. i have to study my lines today but i really dont feel like it. i really have to though because im supposed to be off book tomorrow. blah. i just dont feel like doing anything today. i tired myself out from yesterday. i walked like 4 miles to go to this show that my friends band was plaing at and that pretty much did it. i am so pathetic. blah.

i love mcdonalds

Saturday, November 10, 2001

so i took the sats a week ago. i know that i did really realy bad. im positive of it. i guess ill have to take them again but, i dont really want to spend another 25 dollars to wake up early on a saturday morning to take a stupid test. i mean, i knew i was gonna do bad, but i didnt realize this bad. all i want is a 1040i would be happy with that.i probably got like a 600 if im lucky. i mean, its my own fault so i shouldnt complain too much. i mean, i didnt study. i didnt look at the practice packet. i didnt get that much sleep the night before. if i didnt feel like reading a question i would just guess blindly. and, ya know that part of the math section that isnt multiple choice. ya know, the part wherre theres that chart- grid thing or whatever. yeah, well i decided that it wasnt worht my time to do "non multiple choice" quetstions so, i just skipped over them. i think i may have possibly did everything wrong. and i just didnt care. sigh. oh well, i guess theres allways next time.

blah. i cant beleive im up so early. i have to be at practice at 11 so i cant really go back to sleep because it takes me forever to get ready. its not even practice though, thats the stupid part. we have to go around, door to door and try to raise money for the stupid play. this crap makes me mad. my school is so bloody cheap. i hate it.

ok ya know what is driving me crazy? the fact that the clock on the bottom of my computer is wrong. it says that its 11:15 when really its like9:15. stupid computer clock. the hell if i know how to fix it. and its allways messing with my mind. like just now i thought that i was late for my damn play thing. grrrr.

well, at least my favorite holliday is almost here. well, its this month at any rate. i love thanksgiving. all the delicious food. getting to talk to my ghetto cousin johnny. playing super breakout with beth for like 5 hours. good times. it does have its downfalls too thoguh. like having to sit at the "kids" table with my anerexic cousin dawny and my mutant cousin christopher who gets a thrill out of hitting me repeatedly. oh, yeah, if thats not a good time, then i dont know what is. all in all though i always enjoy thanksgiving. even though beth wasnt there last year and that kinda sucked.

ok, ok this is the last thing im saying. i like frittos scoops.