Monday, December 31, 2001

ahhh, up at the " butt-crack" of noon. well, happy new years eve!
well, ive said it before and ill say it again. girls are stupid.

so far(up until last nite) this has been a very nice vacation. ive spent the whole time sleeping and reading. ive been avoiding my friends and just been...resting. its been very nice though. my friends ended up dragging me out of the comfort of my bed to go to a "holiday" party. it was pretty boring. i just sat around the whole time wishing to go back home so i could go back to sleep. the worst part was that there was this gay guy(not that im a homophobe or anything, i just dont like seeing men run around in thongs)running around in a thong with a and a dildo. it was very disturbing. but at anyrate, i would have rather been home watching "hook".

tonite i went out with my cousins beth and craig and beths boyfriend nathan. we went bowling and to pizza hut. i did pretty crappy in bowling and ate too much at pizza hut. there was this really really annoying group of bowlers next to us to. thy were all very loud and they had this little kid that took like 20 min for each shot. and then i hurt my finger in air hockey.

well, i think that i need to go to sleep ar something.

Friday, December 28, 2001

well, i havent done a real update in guite some time so im afraid that this is going to be lengthy...

well, im all done "its a wonderful life". that was alot of fun. every nite i had this big fan club of little girls and old people wanting my autograph. that was very flattering. and all of the old people told me that i looked like sal mineo. whom i has only heard of once before and that was last year when the lunch lady said that i looked like him. anyway, that was pretty amusing.

after about a week of "its a wonderful life i had auditions for the musical "once apon a mattress" or better known as "the princess and the pea". i went out for the mute king since i have no real singing ability. it was a pretty rough audition but, i got the part anyway. its going to be pretty haard to do since the king is actually a pretty big part but he has to pantomime everything i he wants to say. i even have to do 2 songs in pantomime so that should be interesting to see. my friend mark (who has never done anything theatrical in his life) auditioned amd ended up with the lead so that was pretty funny because it pissed alot of people off.{g} my friend pat auditioned and got a chorus part(the funny thing is that he has done a few plays and stuff and his little brother is mark, who got the lead. mark always beats pat in everything and pat is very jealous of his 15 year old brother{g}). my friend chris also auditioned for the king but got the part of the wizard which is still a really good part that doesnt involve any singing.

well, about a week and a half ago i got really really sick. i wasnt feeling too hot on friday the 14th so i decided that id turn in early. well, i awoke on saturday and felt kinda crappy so i slept all day. i woke on sunday though and felt horrible. i was feeling feverish and very tired(even though i slept most of saturday). and by sunday nite i had a record high tempeture of 104.6. i was feeling like total shit. i had never had a fever that high and i didnt handel it all that well at first. i spent most of the time whinning to my mom about getiing me oranje juice and tylenol. i also refused to eat for a few days and that wasnt good because that caused me to become very weak and lite headed. yeah, so that sucked alot.i was back in shool by thursday though. i insisnted on going back as soon as possible since my school has made that stupid new rule about not allowed any excused absences. nothing counts as an excused absence. nothing. not a doctors note, a college day, a death in the family, nothing. so i dont want to go and miss to many days and end up not graduating. that would piss me off so much if i didnt graduate because i missed one day too many. and 12 days isnt alot. so i have to miss my days carefully. anyway, im much better now so thats all taken care of.{g}.

on christmas eve i went to my uncle johns house as usual to see my family and exchange gifts and everything. that was fun. i got a chance to hang out with the family and everthing. and none of my annoying cousins bothered me so everything was cool. now, here is something that changed my life forever...well, i guess i hadnt eaten much that day because i was pretty hungry when i got to my uncles. and all they had were meatball sandwhiches which i have despised for as long as i can remember. now i had never actually "tasted" a meatball sandwhich or even a meatball for that matter so i never actually "knew" that i didnt like them. well anyway i was avoiding them as usual trieng to fill up on diet coke but, it just wasnt working. i needed food so i reluctantly helped myself to a meatball sandwhich. and, surprisingly, it wasnt that bad. so i hate three more of them and each one didnt suck even more than then the one before. so now, after 17 years of loathing meatball sanwhiches, it turns out that i actually kind of like them.{g}

christmas was ok. ive had this problem for the past few years about not being in the christmas spirit on christmas. sure, ill sometimes feel it in october or the middle of july but when the time actually comes, it feels like just anther day. its very dissapointing. im not one of those angsty teens that think that im too good for christmas or anything like that. im actually quite fonf of it. and i always look forward to it. but when it comes around, theres no excitement. i dont get all anxious to open presents and i dont wake up super early and i just dont have the same feelings towards it as i used too. its really depressing when christmas, argumentally the best holiday, just doesnt do it for you wasnt bad though. i did get some very nice gifts from my family. and i ate some awesome food at my uncle johns that nite. and my cousin bobby asked me to go see "how high" with him. now i have no interest what so ever in seeing the movie but, it was still nice of him to invite me. it wasnt all good though. my cousins girlfriend made fun of my pants and my extremely annoying cousin christopher was being his normal obnoxious self. but all in all i suppose that i had a fairly merry christmas.{g}

ok, so i just finished the 4th harry potter book tonite. let me just say that that book was an emotional rollercoaster. i cant really reveal why because many people havent read the book and i dont want to ruin it for them but let me just say i cant beleive what my eyes were reading. i actualy re read alot of passages not beleiving what i had just read. it was incredible. not very satisfying however unlike the other 3 that left me with a great feeling of deep satisfaction. dont get me wrong, the charecters were all as charming as usual (except for malfoy who makes me want to puke) but it was so very different. there is alot of crap in it that you wouldnt beleive if i told you. also there isnt enough of ginny who i am particulary fond of and i want her and harry to get married even though that would never happen. oh well, it was alot to handel and i know that ill be thinking about it until the next one comes out so blah.

Monday, December 24, 2001

i didn't think that there was a duracell bunny.

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Tuesday, December 04, 2001

yeah, these are my kids in the hall charecter thingys

# 1 Hecubus
# 2 Cabbagehead
# 3 Sir Simon Milligan
# 4 Darrill
# 5 Gavin
# 6 Jerry & Jerry Sizzler
# 7 Leslie
# 8 Melanie
# 9 Chicken Lady
# 10 Weston Esterhazy, Confidante to the Stars
# 11 Buddy Cole

yeah, thats pretty interesting. well, i just got home from practice and im really beat so, im going to bed. goodnite.