Sunday, January 27, 2002

not having a job sucks. of course having a job sucks too. i just hate being broke i guess. and not having a car. and i spend money to frivilously. i bought 2 shirts at old navy this weekend because they were having crazy sales. the one was like 2 dollars and the other was 4 so its not like they were expensive or anything but i only get 20 bucks a week and alot of that goes to coffee and lunch. so im just screwed if i spend money on anything else.blah. i needa job.

i didnt fill out my college applications yet either. i started my montclair one but thats about it. and i only asked like one teacher for a recommendation. im an idiot. i should just go to commonity. ya know i was thinking about it the other day and i dont know if i really want to "go away" to college. i mean, i dont think that im quite ready for that. and i was just thinking the other day that if i actually got excepted to montclair, i dont relly know if i want to go. i mean i want to and everyone keeps telling me that its my futre and all that junk and i totally beleive it and all but i just dont know. i mean, i dont even have a job. or a car.

for the past 6 years ive "known" that i wanted to be an actor and last nite something came over me and now im just not sure. i mean, acting is the only thing that i take seiriously and i care about and when im doing a play sometimes the only thing that gets me outta bed is thought of going to practice and i would be really happy acting for the rest of my life but, i had a thought last nite. what if i dont make it? imean i dont want to starve and what if i go to college and get my masters in theater and i fail. and i starve. i mean, i love acting with all my heart but i like living just a teensy bit more.

oh yeah, i laso have pharenjitus. okay, first of all, ive never even heard of pharenjitus. i think my doctors a quack and made it up or something because everyone else ive asked also said that theyve never heard of it before. and it really sucks. im all kinds of conjested and i have a sore throught and i had a fever. its a pain in my ass and i had to miss school on thursday wich pissed me off because it was a choreoraphy day for the musical so now im going to be behind.

okay, some good things that have been going on:

i got all of my cds back finally.Hurrah!

last nite i bowled a 140. highest score ever.

i got 2 new shirts

emily said that i was special{G}

ps. oh yeah, i had a cup of starbucks coffee yesterday and i just have to say that it was the most repulsive coffee that i have ever had. serioosly. it was the most disgusting liguid that i think ive tasted in a long long time if not ever. it was really really gross and im not just saying this to get in good with jian either.

Wednesday, January 23, 2002

i hate school. yesterday it dawned on me that i have soooooo much stuff to do and in such little time. im not used to doing alot of work-actually im not used to doing any work at all. and now i have college applications to fill out and repports to do and auditions to make and its just so much. i have to get my applications out right away and i also have to to call the schols to arrange auditions. its so agrivating. plus i have lines to memorize for the musical and i have a monologue to memorize for the competition in vorhees on february 9th and i have to memorize this one act play thing that im doing and all my lines are in the form of monologues. not to mention that i have to choose and memorize monologues for my auditions. its alot to think about not to mention the research paper that i was just assigned and since i did such a horrible job on the one last year i really wanted to do a really good one this year. also i want to bring up my gpa. and if all that wasnt enough. i decided that i was going to start doing my regular homework. its a busy busy time for me and frankly i dont know what im gonna do.

ps. i also have a really annoying cold

Sunday, January 20, 2002

ugh. the past two days have been mind-numbingly boring. yesterday i played computer chess for a while and then slept alot and whatched tv in between. today ive been doing the same. friday wasnt bad thoough. my freinds and i went out and saw orange county and then ate at wendys. then emily and i went to barnes and noble. it was a preety nice nite. i dont have school tomorrow so thats pretty cool. ill probably just sleep all day though. blah. i am such an old man. oh well, what can you do.

Thursday, January 17, 2002

every muscel in body hurts. ive been exercising and weight lifting in gym class for the first time since like 8th grade and its causing me pain. it really sucks. and then, i had to dance for two hours for choreography for the musical. blah. my life has no purpose. the highlite of my days is sleeping. it makes me happy if im in bed by 9:00. tonite i couldnt go to sleep so early. i went out and i had a little too much coffee. and on top of that, going out caused me to miss a call from emily.everything sucks.

Sunday, January 06, 2002

i got a 12170 in bejeweled. holy frickin' crap, i'm the man.
today was excellent. i slept really late and then whatched a bunch of crap like down periscope and boy meets world and stuff like that. and then i went out with emily.:) we went and saw the royal tenenbaums and then got coffee at geets. the movie was really good. sigh tonite was really awesome. emily is the best. anyway...yeah then i went home and played bejewled for a while and then i went over to beths and played her in chess(i won). then we played super smash brothers. i kinda sucked at that. now i am at her computer typing my little heart away. yeah, so tonite was definately great.

Friday, January 04, 2002

i missed my friggin bus. this really sucks.i missed my bus and my moms boyfriend, jim, wont be home for another hour or so. so now, i face a dillema. do i go to school late and receive a saturday detention. or do i just not show up at all. now, the thing is, my school doesnt excuse absences. and i can only miss 12 days. and ive already missed 3. also, if i dont go i cant go to musical rehearsal. and im only allowed to miss three of them. also, i wont be allowed to go out tonite if i stay home. but, saturdays really suck so i dont really want one of them. i mean, thats 4 hours sitting at school on a saturday morning. and its not like "the breakfast club" where the princible leaves about 5 kids alone in a library and you can sit back and enjoy judd nelsons crazy antics. instead its sittting in the cold middle school for 4 hours with coach futetola breathing down your neck and having every dilinquent staring at you because you are the only person reading a book. its not fun. but, i really dont want to miss another day yet. sigh, what to do......

Thursday, January 03, 2002

i have a cold. i hate colds because even though you feel relatively well, you look and sound like an idiot. i hate it. ive been coughing and sneezzing all day and just blah.

school was alright. it was a simple day and i talked to emily and that was cool. and then i had play practice. actually, it was kind of boring but, other than that, i cant complain.

Wednesday, January 02, 2002

well, today was...pretty good. school went well, then i had my first musical rehearsal. and then, when i got home, emily called me. today was very cool.

Tuesday, January 01, 2002

last nite was...really nice(i guess). it was the most sedated new years eve party that ive ever been to. my freinds and i sat around talking for a few hours and than we watched mtv(im not proud of that). when the ball dropped we all just sat there staring at the tv. noone did or said anything. it was pretty funny actually. and then we all just sat aroound and whatched the breakfast club. that was good. well, i was really happy last nite but, im not going into details on why. lets just say that it was nice.

tonite i went to my uncle johns and had dinner. that was cool. and then beth, nathan, and i talked for a few hours about harry potter and politics. that was fun.

i have to read the script for the musical. blah. i didnt look at it at all over the break. man, i really dont want to go back to school tomorrow. im gonna have to get up early and stuff. that really sucks. blah.

ps: girls really suck.