Sunday, March 31, 2002

its easter! i love hollidays. i just associate good happy feelings with them. even though i usually dont do anything too special its allways just nice deep down. yeah, i ate most of the candy out of my easter basket already. oh well! right now im eating pez. its not that pez is all that good- i mean its not bad but its not great either but i love eating it. emily got me a little "easter chic" pez despencer. hes wearing a top hat. i really like it. its not as cool as my michaelangelo one but its up there. has anybody ever continuessly filled a pez despencer by buying those packs of pez? i allways say im going to but never do. oh well. well, i hope everone has a pleasent holliday.

Sunday, March 24, 2002

well, i havent written in this in a long time. yeah, i guess alots happened. ok not really. i just finished the musical. it went pretty well. my mom came 2 of the nights and alyssa came once and jimmys mom came once. so did uncle bob, dawney and michael. that was pretty weird. michael was one of the last people i expected to see there. it was alot of fun and im really upset that its over now. hopefully ill be able to do a show over the summer or something.

yeah, i have my audition for monclair in like 2 weeks. no, not even, its on the 6th of april so that doesnt give me alot of time. i didnt memorize monologues yet either. im not really too nervouse though. not yet anyway. i have alot of stuff to do though. i have to get a letter of recomendation and write a letter of intent and a resume. i have no idea how to write a resume either. thats gonna suck. especially since ive only done like three shows. oh well, i guess it doesnt really matter. i dont even know if i want to go to college. it really doesnt make a difference to me at this point. i could allways go to cmmunity and transferto somewhere else. i dont know, i guess i dont really care that much.

yeah, i also had a birthday. it was the 14th. it kinda sucked. i didnt really didnt do anything at all really. i was late to school and found out that if im late to school or absent one more time i cant graduate. so that was cool. not really! it really pissed me off actually. oh well, what can you do. my school is just stupid. yeah and then i went home and whatched a knights tale(i dont think i need to tell anyone how good that was) and then i went to sleep. yeah, i know how to have a good time. i guess that compares to beths birhtday a few years back when she went and saw spacejam. except i didnt get to hang out with anyone. oh well. one cool thing that happened is that my mom made me a cake and emily gave me a cake too so i had two birthday cakes. that was pretty cool because i love cake more than anything. its even better than beef stew.

yeah, i havent talked to beth since our fight. thats pretty depressing. i miss her.

yeah, i havent cut my hair since december. its pretty long now. i think that its the longest its ever been. its kinda crazy. i like it sometimes and hate it others. i dont know, i guess ill keep it until prom cames along. i mean, why not?

yeah, my mom insisted on getting a dvd player. i dont really understand why. its not all that special if you ask me. oh, and the best part of it is that she bought two movies to go with it. you know what those movies are? AI and jurassic park 3. i mean come on! she couldnt have picked two worse movies. unless she got jurrassic park 2 of course. and when she rents movies she rents like a knights tale. its rediculouse. it hurts me to see her waste money like that.

yeah, i no longer have a hatred for applebees. i mean yeah it really pisses me off that my mom and jimmy go there like 3 nights a week and even take dawney sometimes but the food is pretty good. and if someone else is paying then all the better. i went there with my mom like 2 weeks ago or something like that. i got a steak and it was pretty tasty. i mean, dont get me wrong, given the choice id much rather go to wendys or arbys but i dont despise it like i used to.

yeah, my computer is dumb and i cant read anybody elses blogs. that sucks