Tuesday, April 16, 2002

im 78% lazy
im 99% cutthroat. that kinda sucks
well, lifes been good so i dont really have any complaints except that i havent heard from montclair yet. blah. but anyway, i went to see the kids in the hall with beth on saturday. that was really awesome. it was like a lot greater than i htought that it would be. the only complaint i have about it was that it was way too short. when they were taking their curtain call i htouhgt that they were doing an intermission. oh well, it was still great. oh yeah, im cutting the massive fro that ive grown. its too crazy and i want to look nice for the prom so...i dont know, maybe ill grow it back over the summer. yeah, yesterday i spent all day practically online looking for a script for oklahoma without any success. well, after searching practically the whole library at school today, i found it. and then i realized that its really not going to do me any good becasue what i really need is the script of the play that oklahoma was based on. its called green grows the lilacs or something like that. i dont know but its really unknown and going to be even harder to find then the oklahoma script was. oh well.

ps. bobby and bunny broke up and i dont know why but i havent been able to stop thiking about it since i found out. it blows my mind. especially since it was bobbys doing. he said that he would still hold her hand and stuff but he wants to see other people. who does he think he is, ricco suave?

Wednesday, April 03, 2002

ok i havent had a chance to post in a couple nights but two nights ago i scored 80615 on bejewled. it was awesome. i could have scored even higher too but i was so tired so i just kind of gave up. i dont know what ill do if the next time i plaay i get like a 45 or something. i guess that would suck. oh well i still got over 80 thousand and thats more than a lot of people can say.

i have my audition on saturday. i dont want to go. blah. i dont know my monologues yet. double blah

the past two days have been really pleasant. hope things keep going good.