Wednesday, May 29, 2002

ok, so i had this dream last nite where i was walking around outside my house. and im walking round and i mozzie on up to my front driveway. and i look over at the mail box. and i see a big box propped up against the mail box. and i get all excited becasue i think that its my acceptance letter from montclair. and istart running over to it. and im running and im picturing opening it up and baloons flying out and there being a cke and peanuts inside of it along with my acceptance letter. so i get to the box and i tear it open and out fly the baloons and the box is loaded with packages og peanuts that say "r u nuts?" on then and theres a big vanilla cake with straberry frosting and a folded up piece of paper. so i grab the paper and it says WELCOME TO GLOUCESTER COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE!....yeah...that was my dream.