Friday, August 30, 2002

crap. i forgott to write about how concerned i am for conan moving to comedy central at 7. sure it seems like a better time slot but im really afraid hes going to lose his job becasue of this move. oh well, i hope he ends up ok.
yeah im up really early but thats only becasue i have to go to gcc and get my books and my friend pat is takin me and he insisted on leaving early so yeah. this sucks. it also sucks having to say goodbye to al my friends. like it doesnt bother me now but i know it will eventually and that gonna suck a lot. yesterday i went and saidgoodbye to my friend emmaleigh. we watched beauty and the beast(one of my favorite movies and im not afraid to admitt it) and then we ate sandwhiches and cake(extra good) and then i helped her pack a little bit. it was nice. then i went to a sixtenth birthday party with my friend and felt like a total loser. ive never felt old before in my life. like i allways feel like im a lot younger then i really am but last night i felt like some loser college student that hangs outwith high school kiods. and i dont think that that people that do that are losers and i even have a lot of friends that are going to be seniors this year. its just, well, you know how sixteen year old girls are right? well, thats why i felt stupid.sigh. crap i gotta go. and im hungry.double crap.

Monday, August 26, 2002

sigh. i am so bored. the end.

Sunday, August 25, 2002

well, the end of my work week is finally over. they havent given me my uniform yet because theyre waiting to fire me. oh well, to be honest it doesnt erally matter to me if i get fired. it probably should though. oh well...did you ever have something funny that someone said running through your head and nobody else would think its funny so you dont tell anyone so you jus sit and laugh to yourself. yeah, well thats what i ve been doing these past few days. i saw my cousin beth the other day and she we were talking and she made some comment about my hair and then i said"oh yeah, well im gonna grow it out. that will show ya." and then she said"ive allways told you to grow it out so the only thing youre gonna show me is respect." now for some reason i htought that that was hilarious and ive been laughing about it ever since.

p.s. congratulations to nathan for getting his license

p.p.s. i really like bagels with cream chese...a lot.

Friday, August 23, 2002

i havent been home too much lately. i spend most of my nights out and i dont like to use other peoples computers so i havent gotten a chance to blog. i maxed out my visa/mac last nite. ok, i technicaly have a hundred dollars left in there but gay ass commerce must be floating the check that i just deposited. it really made me mad becasue i got the last 20 bucks out of my account and it really depressed me. i went to the philly diner last nite. they have the best chinken fingers ever. theyre so freakin huge its rediculouse. the other day i went to see my friends new band play. theyre pretty damn good. like, i was really impressed becasue like my friend was all braggin about his new band and i was like yeah whatever but theyre actually really good. theyre actually better than my other friend jeffs band the early november and they were just signed to drive thru. but yeah anyway the show was good. this other band was there called the french connection and they were really good. mostly ive been really just doing stupid things. like spending all of my money and stuff like that. like a week ago i went with beth to new york and saw tmbg. that was pretty cool except that (much like the show i went to the other night) every body looks exactly the same. and even though it really annoys me i expect that at a punk show but not tmbg. i htought that theyre fans were smarter than that.i guess i was wrong. the show was good though. and new york was fun even though i went on like 2 hours of sleep. i dont know. anyway, you should check out my friends band on i think its im not really sure but if it is there the bands called finding westerly. oh yeah and i think you can also get an early november mp3 on drive thru .com. theyre really good too.

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

the spark says that im 76% dateable which is not only ironic at this point but also a huge load if i ever heard one.
it really pisses me off when i wake up early in the morning and i cant go back to sleep even though im still really tired.
i just want to saty that i truely hate girls. they only want what they dont or cant have and they dont care about who they hurt. and i know that not every girl is like this but most are and im sick of it. ive had enough of all theeir mind games and nothing is more annoying then how they change their minds every three seconds. theyre all annoying and stupid. now, becasue im not the kind of person to blog about my relationships ill nd on that note. i just had to let off some steam

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

today i got up at like 11 even though i really wanted to sleep a lot longer. my mother and i went to the bank so i could deposit my checks from work. i now have like 500 dollars in there whinch will not last for long but im happy at the moment. then we drove by the house were supposed to buy that my mother doesnt even really want anymore. after that we went to friedlys and i got a peanut butter milkshake(yummy). i got to drive the whole time and that was really cool. i realy like driving a lot. my test isnt for another 4 months but i still drive as much as i can. when i got home my friend emmaleigh called and i went over her house and we played scabble and candy land(i won in both). then we went over to another friends and hung out for a long time. then chris and i went to dennys and i got chicken strips. they were good but the people there are all morons. not the waitresses but the other customers. they are all 17-24 year olds but theyre all idiots that like jump in the windows and hollar dumbass shit like "tyler is in the hizouse, where is all the bithes!" the only cool thing about that was that the cook yelled at the jackass and told him that he was gonna kick him out if he didnt shut up. i got a kick outta that.

Saturday, August 10, 2002

i am also modest mouse. i havent heard of them. im also 48% geek with a picture of david duchovney.
i was late to work again. one more time and im suspended. it was totally my fault today too. i didnt go to sleep last nite until 3:30. i was out until 2 and then i had to look for my keys(which i eventually did find). sigh, oh well. i dont even want a job. i hate having to get up so early. im just too attached to the money. i go out to eat like every nite so i really cant afford to not have a job. plus, when i move i want to buy stuff like a couch and when i get my licence im going to need money for insurance and all that crap. not to mention all the food i feel the need to buy....damnitt...i wanna go out to eat right now.

Thursday, August 08, 2002

i saw the lord of the rings last nite. it was pretty cool. i had never read the book but i read the hobbit so i wasnt totally lost. i htought that i t was really funny that sean astin was in i think that was my favorite part. yeah, but anyway...i havent been home like at all lately. it feels kinda weird. like i left my house sunday morning at 6:45 to go to work and then after work i went straight to my friend bartlys house and we went out to apple bees and went bowling and swimming and then we watched a lot of movies and i ended up spending the night. the next day we went out with my friend chris and went golfing and then to eat at the lonestar. then chrises brother had a party and i went to that. it was really lame but i ended up staying over chrises that night. the next day chris and i went to walmart and i made a card for my friend emmaleigh becasue she got her wisdom teeth riped out. then chris and his girlfriend and i went to a chinese buffet. that was really cool. and then later that nite chris pat and i watched lord of the rings. then i went home at about 2:30. then i got up at 2 today and me and my friends laura and brendall went out to eat at mcdonalds and then went to see my friend emily. we played yahtzee and phase 10. now i am home and blogging and about to go over to beths. man, this has been the longest week ever and its not even over.crazy.

Saturday, August 03, 2002

i went bowling tonite. it was pretty cool. ive gotten pretty bad. oh well. i really hope im not late to work tomorrow. that would really suck. if im late tommorrow then ill get suspended. then if im late again i get fired. so i cant be late again for six months.crap. im never gonna make it.
i was late to work again today. this is like my thirs time i think. if im late two more times im going to get fired. that kinda sucks. oh well. i wish i had my license. oh well, only another 4 months and nine days. gee isnt my life great.

Friday, August 02, 2002

hello. well, i see its been a couple months since ive last written so i think ill just give you all a brief synopsis of whats been going on...well, i graduated for starters. that was...well it was nothing. i feel completely indifferent on the whole thing really. a lot of people were crying, which i thought was rediculouse and other people were really excited wich i didnt really get either. oh well. i got a job finally. its not bad. i work saturdays and sundays from 7 am to three. and i get to sit at a cubical all day and eat cookies and drink diet coke. its really boring but other than that its really good. i statrted at 7 and i just got a 57 cent raise.for what i do im actually over paid. im an alarm monitor. so if someones alarm goes off a signal comes to my comuter screne and i have to take care of it by seeing if everything is ok. like i have to call them and everything.its kind of annoying but oh well. what can you do. i signed up for my college classes the other day. i was able to get a pretty decent schedule. the eof lady told me to only take 12 credits my first semester and i didnt have any problems with that so im taking comp 1, introduction to algebra becasue im an idiot, history of western civilization 2, and a theater/drama workshop. im going to go 4 days a week from noon to 2.35. im also going to be working with my old acting teacher starting late september. yeah, she asked me if i wanted to be the assistant director for this years play at the high school so im going to be doing that from september until november. its gonna be a pretty crazy fall. yeah, other than that though ive really just been sleeping a lot. ive also been spending a lot of money. i bought a sega genesis about a month ago. thats been pretty cool. i only have a few games for it thoguh so it gets a little boring after a while. ive been looking for tmnt tournament fighter but i havent been able to find it anywhere. its hard enough to find any old genisis games really. lets see, what else...oh, i havent gotten my ticket for the warped tour yet. its in a week from today too. oh well, im sure ill get it. well, thats about it i guess. i lead a pretty boring life so i apologize to everyone for the lameness of this blog.

ps: this blog is dedicated my darling cousin e.j.